Decide on an approximate budget and motorcycle model.
Check out the prices in the section on motorcycle sales statistics  in Japan.


Leave a request to order
a motorcycle from Japan.

You can leave a request on our website, write to info@adamoto.net ,  
or call the phone numbers listed on the website.


Advance payment and contract.

Make an advance payment of 10% of the motorcycle's value before the auction starts.

After that, we sign a contract for the receipt of funds.


Selection of options and purchase of a motorcycle at auction.
We select the best option for the the budget in consultation with you. with you.  The available options can be found in the section Auctions online.

Let's make a purchase.


Payment for the motorcycle and expenses in Japan.
After purchasing a motorcycle at auction, you will be provided with an invoice that includes the winning final bid, auction commission, shipping within Japan and loading into a container.


Motorcycle delivery.

We deliver motorcycles to a warehouse in Japan. Sending to Ukraine takes place when the container is filled container, which is 55-65 units of equipment.

(6-8 containers per year)


Customs clearance and delivery to our warehouse.

We carry out customs clearance at the customs office in Vinnytsia. After receiving the documents, we unload the motorcycles in our in our warehouse.


Training and certification.
We carry out a technical inspection of the motorcycle for any defects and certify it.

By agreement, we carry out pre-sale preparation.


Receiving and paying the balance of the cost of the motorcycle. 

You receive the motorcycle with a full package of documents at our warehouse warehouse and pay the balance of the price.