This section contains the most frequently asked questions we receive. We decided to answer them right here.

Where can I see all the motorcycles you have in stock?

  • All available motorcycles can be viewed online in the "In Stock" section, as well as in our warehouse during business hours.

Has the motorcycle been cleared?

  • Yes. All motorcycles we sell are legal, customs cleared and have the appropriate supporting documents.

Did you buy a motorcycle at an auction?

  • Not all of them, we often buy motorcycles on Japanese sales platforms.

What does pre-sale preparation mean?

  • This involves passing the motorcycle through our technical department to check for malfunctions, identify and eliminate defects.

What is the list of work performed during pre-sale preparation?

  • This list is individual for each motorcycle. Checking and, if necessary, eliminating issues in the technical aspect - cleaning and synchronizing carburetors, servicing suspensions, replacing spark plugs, batteries, etc. Bringing the motorcycle to the proper cosmetic appearance - cleaning, polishing, if necessary, galvanizing, painting, seat reupholstery, etc.

Can I buy a motorcycle without pre-sale preparation?

  • Yes, you can. The price will be slightly reduced depending on the model and condition.

How long does this preparation take?

  • It depends on the condition of the motorcycle. On average, this procedure takes from 1 to 5 days.

Do you provide a warranty for motorcycles?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide an official warranty, since the equipment is almost all used, but if you have any serious questions during operation, we will certainly help you solve them.

Why a 2001 motorcycle if it was produced before 2000?

  • In foreign documents, the year of first registration is indicated, while in our country it is indicated as the year of manufacture. Therefore, if a motorcycle was manufactured in 2000, but it was bought and started using in 2001, it is indicated in our documents as 2001.

Can I buy spare parts and equipment from you?

  • We do not sell equipment and spare parts. But in the near future we plan to create the first large-scale disassembly of used motorcycle parts in Ukraine.

Can I get my documents done with you if I bought a motorcycle elsewhere?

  • No, we do not have the right to provide documents to which we have nothing to do.

What documents do you issue with a motorcycle?

  • We provide the entire package of documents for further registration at the service center, namely: a purchase and sale agreement, a copy of the customs declaration, a Japanese registration card, a certificate of conformity, a technical inspection report, a certificate of acceptance and transit license plates.

Can I register my motorcycle right away?

  • Yes, a motorcycle can be registered immediately on the day of purchase at any service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

How much does the first registration cost?

  • Registration of a motorcycle costs about UAH 500, and there may be an additional fee of UAH 200 for the examination.

Will we be able to complete the purchase/sale and register the motorcycle in one day?

  • Yes, it is quite possible, provided that you visit us in the morning.

Do you provide loans?

  • No, we don't. We do not provide loans, and banks do not sell motorcycles.

What does it mean to have a motorcycle "in reserve"?

  • The motorcycle was paid for in advance, so it is no longer available for purchase. We do not remove such motorcycles from the site until they arrive at our warehouse.

How to reserve (book) a motorcycle?

  • The reserve is made by making a 50% prepayment for the selected motorcycle. We record the receipt of funds with appropriate documents.

Can I reserve several motorcycles at once? And when I arrive, can I choose the best one?

  • Yes, of course you can. But keep in mind that you will need to pay 50% of the cost of each of these motorcycles.

Is it possible to bring a motorcycle to order?

How long does delivery take?

  • Usually, the delivery of motorcycles from Japan to our warehouse takes about 60 days from the moment the container is loaded in Japan.

How much does a motorcycle cost at auction?

  • The final price of a motorcycle at any auction depends on the number of bidders and their budgetary expectations for the purchase of a particular lot.

Is a grade 3 bad?

  • Not always. You need to take into account the auction where the bidding takes place, as well as the expert's comments. It often happens that estimates are underestimated due to malfunctions that can be easily fixed. 

What is the starting price?

  • This is the price at which the auction will start. The starting price does not affect the final bid (price).

Can I buy a motorcycle at the starting price?

  • In 95% of cases, this is not possible. When a seller puts a motorcycle up for auction, he or she indicates the starting price and the minimum selling price (Urikiiri) of his or her motorcycle. That is, he usually needs to set two prices. And as practice shows, they are quite different. For example, the starting price is 110000¥, and the reserve price is 170000¥. This means that the lot will not be sold if the bidding does not reach the price of 170000¥. If the maximum bid is 168000¥, the motorcycle will be re-launched for sale on the next bidding date.

Can I buy a motorcycle before the auction?

  • No, motorcycles are not sold early at Japanese auctions.

How can I find out how much a motorcycle will be sold for?

  • It is almost impossible to find out the exact sale price of a motorcycle before the end of the auction, but you can see the approximate cost of identical models sold earlier in the "Sales Statistics" section.

    Please note! Don't focus on the lowest prices. Be guided by prices above the average.

Can I bring a motorcycle without documents?

  • No, we deal only with legal equipment, and we do not support motorcycles without documents, nor do we support those who sell or buy such motorcycles.